Labbola’s Best XI + 6 from the 2015 President Cup

By Pramuaji Ajay@PramuajiAjay

The 2015 President Cup Ended a 4-month Drought of Quality Football in Indonesia

After about 4 months of hiatus, the atmosphere of Indonesian football reemerged with the initiation of President Cup 2015. Organized by Mahaka Sports, the tournament engaged 16 teams: 12 from the previous 2015 Indonesia Super League (ISL) and 4 from the lower Premier Division. From August 30 to October 18, football fans across the archipelago replenished their long wait for quality competition at national level.

In the final match at the majestic Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta, Persib went on against Sriwijaya FC. The 2014 ISL winners showed their champions’ DNA and won 2-0 against the Palembang-based team. 2 major titles in a year was quite an achievement for Maung Bandung and a very special gift for their loyal fans: the Bobotoh.

Persib Added More Collection in Their Trophy Case

The tournament itself showcased a dramatic twists and unpredictable turns: Entertaining football displayed by Bali United with 100% local squad; disappointing performance from Persija, the team from the nation’s capital; the fall of Arema with a payback scenario from Sriwijaya in the semifinal; Persebaya changed their name and boycotted a match over a debatable decision, and many other moments.

312 players had the opportunity to spend several minutes playing in the tournament. Based on their performance, both statistically and seen by-naked-eye, here are Labbola’s Best XI from the 2015 President Cup.

GK – I Made Wirawan (Persib)
He didn’t make many memorable saves and his team suffered 2 losses on the way to their triumph. Nonetheless, the experienced Balinese showed great composure and leadership which triggered a stronghold on Persib’s defensive line.

Appearances7Save Success %68%
Minutes Played630Pass Interceptions13
Clean Sheets3

RB – Wildansyah (Sriwijaya FC)
Very active and eager to be involved in every play. Offensively effective as he scored 2 goals and made every shooting attempts on target. Showed proficient read-the-game skill with 17 pass interceptions and only 3 ball possessions lost.

Appearances7Successful Tackles9Fouls Committed8
Minutes Played586Tackle Success %53%Yellow Cards1
Goals2Cross Blocks2Red Cards0
Shots On Target4Pass Interceptions17
Shot Accuracy100%Clearances13

CB – Vladimir Vujovic (Persib)
Towering presence on Persib’s defense with poise and good timing. With him playing, Persib only conceded 2 goals in their home, Si Jalak Harupat Stadium. Still needs to be calmer as he received 3 consecutive yellow cards before the final.

Appearances7Successful Tackles4Fouls Committed5
Playing Minutes630Tackle Success Rate29%Yellow Cards3
Goals1Shot Blocks4Red Cards0
Header Success Rate82%Pass Interceptions27

CB – Purwaka Yudhi (Arema)
Played every minutes for Arema throuhgout the tournament along with Gonzales, he filled the absence of Victor Igbonefo with quality performance. His collection of 32 pass interceptions set tournament’s record. He also has clean disciplinary record with only 1 foul in 8 matches. Labbola appointed him as Best Defensive Player.

Appearances8Successful Tackles11Fouls Committed1
Playing Minutes720Tackle Success Rate65%Yellow Cards0
Assists2Shot Blocks1Red Cards0
Header Success Rate96%Pass Interceptions32

LB – Johan Ahmad Alfarizi (Arema)
Played in all matches for Arema with 1 goal and 2 assists. Actively supported Arema’s attack and very good while defending. His 22 successful tackles and 5 shot blocks are tournament’s record.

Appearances8Successful Tackles22Fouls Committed3
Minutes Played705Tackle Success %73%Yellow Cards1
Goals1Cross Blocks5Red Cards0
Assists2Pass Interceptions16
Pass Accuracy74%Clearances16

DMF – Asri Akbar (Sriwijaya FC)
Very responsible and showed an active role as box-to-box midfielder. Didn’t possess many attributes but his mobility and leadership have brought Sriwijaya FC to the final. If only he had no injury problem, Asri would’ve influenced SFC with more speed and power.

Appearances6Successful Passes183Fouls Committed1
Playing Minutes378Pass Accuracy88%Yellow Cards0
Goals1Successful Tackles6Red Cards0
Shots On Target5Tackle Success Rate33%
Shot Accuracy100%Pass Interceptions4

CMF – Fadhil Sausu (Bali United)
His name was unheard until Indra Sjafri rejuvenated him with new role at Bali United. Very mobile with pass-and-move scheme tailored by Sjafri. Although Bali United’s journey fell short to only 5 matches, his 416 successful passes became tournament’s record. Moreover, he made 3 assists and 1 goal in his 5 appearances.

Appearances5Successful Passes416Fouls Committed2
Playing Minutes450Pass Accuracy90%Yellow Cards0
Goals1Successful Tackles14Red Cards0
Assists3Tackle Success Rate67%
Shots On Target3Pass Interceptions22

CMF – Firman Utina (Persib)
Old but gold. He still possesses skillful techniques as ball distributor. Made good combination with his fellow midfielders in Persib: Hariono and Makan Konate. Provided 3 assists and played a central role on Persib’s triumph.

Appearances8Successful Passes223Fouls Committed7
Playing Minutes540Pass Accuracy65%Yellow Cards1
Goals0Successful Tackles7Red Cards0
Assists3Tackle Success Rate32%
Successful Crosses21Pass Interceptions5

FW – Boaz Solossa (Pusamania Borneo FC)
For the first time in his career, Boaz played for a team neither Persipura nor the Indonesian national team. Only appeared in 4 matches, he scored 2 goals and made 3 assists. As skillful as he is, the outcome would’ve been different for Boci if Persipura participated in the tournament.

Appearances4Shot Conversion Rate0.167Fouls Committed2
Playing Minutes360Pass Accuracy74%Yellow Cards0
Goals2Successful Dribbles4Red Cards0
Assists3Dribble Success Rate50%
Shots On Target4Cross Accuracy40%

FW – Zulham Zamrun (Persib)
Tournament’s Best Player and Top Scorer with 6 goals, along with 2 assists, 87% shot accuracy and, of course, the championship. ‘Nuff said.

Appearances7Shot Conversion Rate0.4Fouls Committed13
Playing Minutes584Shot Accuracy87%Yellow Cards3
Goals6Successful Dribbles7Red Cards0
Assists2Dribble Success %58%
Shots On Target13Pass Accuracy75%

CF – Ilija Spasojevic (Persib)
Has power and tenacity to lure defenders’ focus. Thus, his teammate could easily exploit the space and penetrate. Zulham’s performance was highly supported by Spaso’s. 4 goals, 1 assist, and only caught offside twice made Spaso a perfect target man for Persib.

Appearances6Shot Conversion Rate0.28Fouls Committed12
Playing Minutes461Shot Accuracy36%Yellow Cards3
Goals4Successful Passes84Red Cards1
Assists1Pass Accuracy83%
Shots On Target8

Aside from the Best XI, here are players with promising performance but slightly fell short on several attributes.

GK – Dian Agus Prasetya (Sriwijaya FC)
Showed his quality as Indonesia’s top goalkeeper. Made several decisive saves for Sriwijaya FC with 75% success rate. Still needs to improve his communication with the defenders.

Appearances7Save Success %75%
Minutes Played630Pass Interceptions14
Clean Sheets2

FB – Ricky Fajrin (Bali United)
Another one of Indra Sjafri’s squad from the Indonesia U-19 team with thumbs-up performance. Add more experience and playing minutes, Ricky would be a star player in his role and position.

Appearances5Successful Tackles18Fouls Committed3
Minutes Played435Tackle Success %72%Yellow Cards0
Successful Passes158Cross Blocks4Red Cards0
Pass Accuracy87%Pass Interceptions13

CB – John Onorionde Kughegbe (Mitra Kukar)
Safety-oriented and effective defender, O. K. John lead Mitra Kukar’s defense and came up with 3 clean sheets.

Appearances8Header Success %82%Fouls Committed12
Playing Minutes720Shot Blocks5Yellow Cards0
Successful Tackles13Pass Interceptions31Red Cards0
Tackle Success %80%Clearances45

MF – Rizky Pellu (Mitra Kukar)
A powerful and durable midfielder. Pellu still has much to learn but he has shown his progress to be the future leader in Indonesian national team’s midfield.

Appearances8Successful Passes281Fouls Committed8
Playing Minutes720Pass Accuracy89%Yellow Cards1
Goals1Successful Tackles19Red Cards0
Shots On Target3Tackle Success Rate67%
Header Success %77%Pass Interceptions10

MF – Hendro Siswanto (Arema)
Hendro was plotted as Arema’s spare tire but every time he got the chance, he made the best of it. He scored 2 goals which have special meaning: 1 equalizer against Bali United, and another one was an absolute cracker against Mitra Kukar that could be The Goal of the Tournament.

Appearances7Successful Tackles6Fouls Committed8
Playing Minutes249Tackle Success %24%Yellow Cards1
Goals2Pass Interceptions5Red Cards0
Successful Passes109Clearances3
Pass Accuracy76%Possessions Lost7

FW – Cristian Gonzales (Arema)
39 years young, Gonzales still has what it takes to be the fox-in-the-box. He played the whole 720 minutes in 8 matches and scored 5 goals. However, his age could not deceive his agility, as he caught offside 15 times (tournament’s record).

Appearances8Shot Conversion Rate0.19Fouls Committed10
Playing Minutes720Successful Passes135Yellow Cards2
Goals5Pass Accuracy77%Red Cards0
Shots On Target14Possessions Lost30
Shot Accuracy67%Caught Offside15

Djadjang Nurdjaman as manager completes the list. With 2 major trophies in just a year, he deserves the spot.

20151022_BEST XI-01
Labbola’s Best XI + 6, 2015 President Cup
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There you have it, Labbola’s Best XI + 6 from the 2015 President Cup.

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