We Provide Football Statistics Data and Analysis

Labbola collects football statistics data with integrated parameter and provides a football statistics analysis from all football matches especially in Southeast Asia.

We developed a full-set/integrated football statistics system for any type competition system, league, coaching analysis, and media support that can be applied in a developing and developed country, hence, as efficient-effective as possible.

As a company, Labbola has been through numerous tests of trials and errors in local, regional, national and international level of football and futsal tournament. Labbola will continue to grow as a the core of football statistics in Asia.

Our Vision:

Football development in Indonesia and South East Asia with integrated technology approach.


  • Integrated system of football statistics software in term of processing
  • Data analysis of football statistics database collection
  • Research on new technologies on behalf of needs for football industry, sports media, and technical support of football coaching in Indonesian and South East Asia
  • Enhancing the role of technology in the development of football industry itself

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If you are a football expertise, media journalists, or even fans, we would be very happy to share about our research and services. See our services page or contact us directly.

Because we love football.